Poetic Jazzis my way of expressing feelings in the creative language of music. My pieces transform everyday encounters into musical short stories.

Jazz that makes you happy. Neue Westfälische Zeitung

Poetry without words. DSL Zurich

Strangely gripping, lyrical and poetic music. Silvano Luca Gerosa, Basel

Poetic Jazz is jazz pure. It is emotional, gripping, and – if you listen deeply inside yourself – even erotic. DP Lippstadt

This music is imbued with magical lightness, formed from the primordial power of jazz, the autumnal-pastel melodies of the Slavic tradition, and the high art of classical composers. It is entertainment with sophistication and joy for all those, whether jazz enthusiasts or friends of classical music, who love good music. Süddeutsche Zeitung




Kulturkirche Hamburg-Altona Author: Alice Lehmann
Lech, Claas, Pawel, Enno Author: Poetic JazzXXIII Sopot Molo Jazz Festival Author: Henryk MalesaKirche St. Johannis-Harvestehude Hamburg Author: Henrietta LangholzSchloss Rapperswil, Rittersaal, Switzerland Author: Poetic Jazz