Poetic Jazz Symphonic


Poetic Jazz & Polska Filharmonia Sinfonia Baltica

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 Jana Pawła Street II 3, Słupsk, Poland www.filharmonia.sinfoniabaltica.pl 

This year the 48th Polish Piano Festival and the 50th Anniversary of the Cultural Society of Słupsk http://www.stsk.eslupsk.pl/aktualnosci,wyswietl,40.html welcomes Lech Wieleba's

Poetic Jazz, the first time in the history of these festivals that a jazz ensemble has been invited.

Under the direction of Polish bassist Lech Wieleba, a rare and moving form of lyrical music has been born that unifies elements of classical music and jazz with Wieleba's Slavic sense of melody.

Poetic Jazz is imbued with magical lightness, formed from the primordial power of jazz, the autumnal-pastel melodies of the Slavic tradition, and the high art of classical composers. It is entertainment with sophistication and joy for all those, whether jazz enthusiasts or friends of classical music, who love good music.” 

For the first time, compositions by Lech Wieleba have been arranged for both jazz quartet and symphonic orchestra by:

Bohdan Jarmołowicz, director of the PF Sinfonia Baltica, composer, arranger and professor at the Bydgoszcz Academy of Music

Jerry Gates composer, arranger, conductor and professor at Berklee College of Music, Boston,

Lech Wieleba doublebass player, composer and bandleader






Berklee Performance Center, Boston, Februar 2018 

Performance Hall Ipswich 106, Boston, October 2017

Teatr Muzyczny Lodz / 20th ChCF Festival, November 2016

Filharmonia Gdansk / Music Festival Gdansk, April 2015

Filharmonia Slupsk, April 2015

Filharmonia Slupsk / 48th Piano Festival, World Premiere, September 2014

POETIC JAZZ SYMPHONIC Filharmonia Slupsk Author: Slawomir ZabickiPOETIC JAZZ SYMPHONIC Fiharmonia GdanskPoster POETIC JAZZ SYMPHONICPoster with the signatures of all the musiciansClaas, Enno, Pawel, Lech at BPC Boston