Wieleba & Wieleba

It's a new program created by Lech Wieleba and his son Pawel Wieleba.

The premiere concert took part in November 2019 at the celebrations of the 15th Anniversary of the LOGOS European Centre of Culture in Lodź/Poland.


Lech is a composer, double bass player and music arranger.

His music complement Polish jazz music that has a grat tradition and a significant place in the history of jazz all over the world.

Silvano Luca Gerosa, a Switzerland music critic wrote – his music is incredibly touching, lirical and poetical.

Lech still remains open to new challenges, he still surprises and charms both with his new composisions and his performances.

Following his latest success that was topped with a concert in Boston with the local symphonic orchestra and releasing a new CD - Poetic Jazz Symphonic Live in Boston, Lech turned more towards chamber music – duo. His fascination with the brilliant sound of percussion instruments and the double bass as well as they great power in a solistic forms, became the inspiration for a new undertaking that resulted in current  program.


Pawel – drummer, music producer, teacher and instructor of music and multimedia projects.

Born in Gdańsk 1981, he is the son of a teacher for early childhood music education and a double bass player.

He has lived in Hamburg since 1984. Fascinated by the world of percussion, he began learning drums at the age of 12 and studied with a number of masters (Casey Scheuerell, Jochen Rückert, Mauricio Zottarelli, Danny Gottlieb, Marco Minnemann, Robby Smith, Ali Husseini, Philip Mauss, Lorenz Hoppe). He collected his first experiences as a drummer performing in various formations on international stages, at festivals and as part of theatre and film productions. A freelance musician since 2006, he completed his M.A. in Systematic Musicology at the University of Hamburg in 2009.

His passions are jazz and modern electronic music and he is strongly attracted to the music culture of the East and the Orient. His own projects draw on these diverse influences and he has introduced them into his individual sound aesthetic.

Pawel has been part of the ensemble Lech Wieleba Poetic Jazz from the very beginning.





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